I am Isabel Fabian, alleged artist and avid rock collector. Art and animation have been a lifelong interest of mine, and in 2020 I graduated from Okanagan College with an Animation Diploma. My (admittedly brief) engagement with animation and the industry has of course, terrified me, but also opened up such a diverse world of opportunity, and I can't wait to experience it. Storytelling through art is a concept very near and dear to me now, though it's influenced me ever since I was a kid. Once it became apparent that I would not be living out the same life as the Star Wars protagonists I grew up loving, I decided I had to find another way to be a part of it all. I prioritize animation, with a love for both Maya and Harmony - though I have a huge soft spot for character and concept design. Feel free to reach out through email or social media if you'd like to get in touch! 

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